Sandracottus maculatus (Wehncke, 1876)

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Dorsal habitus of Sandracottus maculatus (Foto Michael Balke


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Ordo: Coleoptera
Familia: Dytiscidae
Subfamilia: Dytiscinae
Tribus: Acilini
Genus: Sandracottus Genus pages are here: Wikispecies; EOL.


Sandracottus maculatus (Wehncke, 1876)

  • original combination: Hydaticus maculatus

Type locality

“Siam” [Thailand], Wehncke (1876).

Type material

Syntypes in Muséum national d´Histoire naturelle, Paris, France.


Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia (Sabah), Indonesia (Kalimantan, Sumatra, Java, Siberut) and Philippines (Mindanao, Palawan) (Fig. 32). Specimens were collected from about sea level to 800 m (Hendrich & Brancucci in prep).

Records from Thailand

1 ex., “N-Thailand, Khon Kaen Prov., Si Chom Phu, 220m, 16°8531N, 102°2526E R. Ohnesorge, IX.2012”, “coll. A. Skale Hof/Germany” (CAS); 1 ex., “Thailand 25 V 52 REElbel”, “Kanchanburi” (USNM), 1 ex., “Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve, Thailand Coords: 14° 30.536' N, 101° 55.921' E, 362 m a.s.l., 27 Oct 2013, Sakaerat Expedition, lead by Professor Somsak Panha of Chulalongkorn University” (CSUT); 1 ex., “N Thailand-Doi Pho Ka N.P. Road from Pua 1 km after Park Hq. m 1400, small pools on rock (24) 2.I.1999 P. Mazzoldi leg.” (CPM); 2 exs., “Siam: Me Song Forest IV.1919 E.J.Godfrey 1920-244” (BMNH); 2 exs., “E Thailand, Ko Chang White Sands Beach, 10.XII.1990, M.Jäch leg. (12)” (NMW); 1 ex., “Prov. Rayong, Khao Chamao NP, 12.&13.XII.1990, M.Jäch leg. (14)” (NMW); 1 ex., “Tham Sakoen NP, No. 21, 29.-30.XI.2003, 19°23´N 100°38´E, Peregovits, Foldvari, Korosi, Szappanos & Maklari-Kis leg.” (TDMB); 2 exs., “Pak Lag, 14.VIII.1918, Jeanvoine” (MNHN); 17 exs., “Pak Lag 13.VIII.1918 V. de Salvaza” (MNHN); 6 exs., “Pak Lag, 13.VIII.1918 V. De S.”, “Samml. A. Zimmermann” (ZSM); 3 exs., “Pak Lag 18.VII. 1918 no. 2119 V. de S.” (MNHN, ZSM); 2 exs., “Thailand, E Bangkok, Nakhon Nayok: Khlong Maduea, 14°21’17“N, 101°16’22“E, 16.03.2017, leg. H. Shaverdo” (NMW); 3 exs., “Thailand, Phetchabun Province, near Nam Nao National Park, Route 2216 then small road off, in village Khlong Choen, 16°40’29“N, 101°44’01“E, 21.03.2017, leg. H. Shaverdo” (NMW).


According to various collectors and our project results, recent records are from forest pools or pools of intermittent streams and rivers, mainly located in primary or second growth rainforest, often with rocky or gravely bottom. Many if not most habitats are partly shaded and enriched with decaying leaves and twigs. In Thailand and Laos S. maculatus was also collected in residual pools near a river (Hájek pers. comm.) (Hendrich & Brancucci in prep.). We have encountered specimens in the localities below, often in rather disturbed environments, but the species was not abundant there.


A taxonomic revision fo the genus Sandracottus is in preparation (Hendrich & Brancucci in prep.).


Original description

  • Wehncke E. 1876a: Neue Dytisciden. Stettiner Entomologische Zeitung 37: 194-197, 356-360.

Other references

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