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Arnaud Faille

Biographic data

I am a postdoctoral researcher associated to the ZSM beetle lab.

The main focus of my research is the understanding of the origin and evolution of subterranean biodiversity and its description, with Coleoptera as target group. During the last years I studied phylogenetic relationships among some of the most speciose radiations of hypogean ground beetles of the western Palearctic region. I am now studying the contraction of the life cycle and the evolution and diversification of cave beetles.

Research Interests

Origins of Subterranean Biodiversity in beetles, Systematics, Biogeography and Evolution of hypogean Coleoptera, Phylogeny of Trechini ground beetles. Tools include traditional taxonomy, morphometrics and molecular phylogenetics.

DFG project: “Contraction of life cycle, Evolution and Diversification of cave beetles” (FA 1042/1-1)

Holometabolous insects are characterized by a peculiar life cycle including a larva radically differing from the adult in terms of ecology and morphology. In few extreme cases however this strategy does not seem to be optimal and alternative strategies emerged: this is the case in some lineages that colonize the subterranean environment We use highly diverse ground beetles (Carabidae: Trechini) and a comprehensive molecular phylogenetic framework obtained in the last years to study the links between contraction of larval cycle and evolutionary success in hypogean environments. Where and when does a contracted life cycle occur? Are clades with contracted life cycle significantly more diverse than clades with normal larval development and does a strongly derived ontogeny therefore represent a launching pad or key innovation for diversification in certain clades of underground beetles?

Main publications

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