Lacconectus basalis Sharp, 1882

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Dorsal habitus of Lacconectus basalis, Thailand, Phetchabun Province, Khlong Choen (Photo: František Slamka).


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Ordo: Coleoptera
Familia: Dytiscidae
Subfamilia: Copelatinae
Tribus: Copelatini
Genus: Lacconectus


Lacconectus basalis Sharp, 1882

  • original combination: Lacconectus basalis Sharp, 1882

Type locality

“Thailand, Bangkok”, Sharp (1882), Brancucci (1986)

Type material

Lectotype in British Museum of Natural History, London, England.


Widespread in southern China and South-East Asia: Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, northern part of West Malaysia and Taiwan (Brancucci 1986, 2003a,b, 2004). The species occurs from 50 m to 1400 m (Brancucci & Hendrich 2005).

Records from Thailand

2 exs., “THAILAND: Nakhon Nayok, 14°14'23"N 101°19'09"E, 1 km S Khlog Sisiat Reservoir 49 m, 10.8.2017, Atthakor & Hendrich leg. (THAI_LHWA_2017_05) (ZSM); Thailand: 10 exs.: Trat prov., Ko Chang Island, 6.–13.VII.2002, alt. 0–200 m, 12°05´N, 102°21´E, Fouqué R. & H. leg. (CJS); 1 ex.: Mae Hong Son prov., Kiwlong pass near Soppong, 23.VI.–2.VII.2002, alt. 1400 m, WGS 84, 19°26´N, 098°19´E, Fouqué R. & H. leg. (CJS); 4 exs.: Thailand SE, Ko Chang Island, 8.VII.–12.VII.1997, J. Rejsek leg. (CJS); 1 ex.: S-Thailand, Ko Samui, 8.I.1988, Hinta Hiu Yai, Madl leg. (NMW); 4 exs.: Chiang Mai prov., Samoeng, 29.VI.1995, W.G. Ullrich leg. (MHNG); 6 exs.: Chiang Mai prov., 25 km N of Chiang Dao, 28.–30.VI.2002, WGS 84, 19°40´N, 098°50´E, Fouqué R. & H. leg. (CJS); 7 exs.,”Thailand, Phetchabun Province, near (just outside) Nam Nao National Park, Route 2216 then small road off, in village Khlong Choen, 16°40’29“N, 101°44’01“E, 21.03.2017, leg. H. Shaverdo” (2017-Th-05a, 5b) (NMW).


In the bamboo forest, 1 km S Khlog Sisiat Reservoir, specimens were found in a shaded and isolated flood pool of a small bamboo forest stream, enriched with decaying leaves and twigs.



Original description

  • Sharp, D. 1882: On aquatic carnivorous Coleoptera or Dytiscidae. Transactions of the Royal Dublin Society (2) 2: 179–1003 + pl. 6–18.

Other references

Brancucci, M. 1986: Revision of the genus Lacconectus Motschulsky (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae). Entomologica Basiliensia 11: 81–202. Brancucci, M. 2003a: II. Faunistic notes on Lacconectus Motschulsky from China and neighbouring countries, and descriptions of new species. Pp. 95–113. In: Jäch, M.A. & Ji, L. (eds): Water Beetles of China, Vol. III. Wien: Zoologisch-Botanische Gesellschaft in Österreich and Wiener Coleopterologenverein, VI + 572 pp. Brancucci, M. 2003b: A review of the genus Lacconectus Motschulsky, 1855 from the Indian Subcontinent (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae). Entomologica Basiliensia 25: 23–39. Brancucci, M. 2004: Two new Lacconectus species from Vietnam (Coleoptera; Dytiscidae). Aquatic Insects 26(3/4): 175–181. Brancucci, M. & Hendrich, L. 2005: A review of Indomalayan Lacconectus Motschulsky, 1855 (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae: Copelatinae). Mitteilungen der Schweizerischen Entomologischen Gesellschaft 78 (3-4): 265-297.

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