Kriechbaumer diaries: Chalcidoidea

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Josef Kriechbaumer (21 March 1819 - 2 May 1902) was hymenopterist and curator at the Zoologische Staatssammlung ZSM) in Munich, Germany, for 42 years, from 1859 until 1901. His main interest was parasitic wasps of the family Ichneumonidae, but he collected and studied also other groups of Hymenoptera. His collection records are documented in his diaries that are, together with his collection that is housed in the ZSM, important historic documents.

RecordID Image Original taxon Valid taxon Collecting location Collecting Date Notes
Kriechbaumer diaries hym-img-131005-01.jpg
Acrocormus multicolor Rtzb. Pteromalus multicolor Am 27.4.56 im Garten des Ministerialraths v. Steinheil an Eschen, die durch Hylesinus Fraxini verdorben waren in Schwabing (9 <malesign>; Reinh. ???; 8764).- 27-Apr-1856 Correct host record.
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