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You might find fotos of recent events here

  • August-October 2014 - Michael and Ditta went to Indonesia to visit our friends at LIPI and take care of all sorts of administrational issues. We had a few meeting with our best friends at UNIPA in Manokwari, and hope to further strengthen relations with UNIPA. Also met UNCEN friends - the university of Papua.
  • December 2014 - Emmanuel should right now defend his PhD thesis
  • ....and he did, result: excellent! Summa cum laude is not in use any longer, but for us old fashioned dudes it's just the same. Congratulations.
  • And then we had a nice X mas party in our favourite resto, Naxos just across the road, organised by Ditta and attended by 10 of us. Thanks to all who came.
  • Ah, time. flies. September. We went to Papua to meet friends and coordinate our work with the University of Papua, and one of our best friends from UNIPA honoured us with a return visit to Munich. Agust Kilmaskossu was with us for 10 days, including birdwatching and various training session @ ZSM
  • June 2016 -- Rene defended his PhD thesis successfully. Congratulations, Dr Tänzler!
  • May 2017-- Michael to Indonesia for a week for project management purposes and repatriate vouchers from Indobiosys project.
  • May 2017 -- Athena, now back in the US, submitted her PhD thesis to UC Berkeley, and was successful... Congratulations, Dr Lam.